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209 N Washington Hwy | Ashland, VA 804-299-2700

Youth Program

Youth Express – $99*

This coached Strength and Conditioning Class is designed for ages 10 and up and is offered 3x/Week. It is the perfect way to get your kids up from the couch, away from the video games and phones, and into a beneficial stimulation of the mind and body through group training. Our youth classes are fun, interactive, and hugely successful in building confidence, discipline, and socialization. The amount of awareness and fitness they will gain will be a part of them forever. This class is also helpful for the recreational athlete looking to improve physically and mentally, the results of which will undoubtedly showcase in the game.

*Family Memberships are available

WHEN: Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays @4:30pm
(NOTE: This is a 45 min class)

Homeschoolers Strength & Conditioning (contact us for rates)

Please contact us for class availability.

Sports Performance Training  (contact us for rates)

Any team and any sport. You share the cost, we share a wealth of knowledge on how to train athletic prowess for game day. Single Session or Season-Prep Team Packages available.

Any athlete, any sport. Individual athlete training is available for your athlete to receive extremely valuable 1:1 coaching that will undoubtedly enhance his/her athleticism in whatever sport or multi-sport is played.

All Sports Performance Training is sport specific and adjusted to incorporate movements and skills directly related to the individual player and/or team. Our training has been used to improve athletes in every kind of sport, as it closely resembles the functions and competitive elements required of high-level performance from the human body.

Power, speed, coordination, accuracy, balance, agility, strength and other dominant athletic components are sharpened through conditioning workouts, plyometrics, interval training, skill and drills, obstacle courses, and teamwork challenges.

Make the next season the best season.  Contact us to learn more.