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About The Train Yard

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of everyone who walks through our doors, from beginner to competitor, using a superior method of coached functional fitness delivery in a safe, fun, and positive environment.

What is the Level Method:

This is a genius personal fitness development and tracking program that provides you with a “MAP” showing where you are and what is needed to advance.

How does the Level Method work:

Through multiple one-on-one assessments with a Coach scheduled at your convenience, you will start with success, determining your beginning level using colors similar to the martial arts belt system🥋. Each day a workout will be displayed with a version that matches your level so you will know exactly what to do. During our group classes, that is the personal version you will perform, while others are doing the same at their individual levels.

How do I know it’s working:

As your fitness improves, you will be able to “level up” in several fitness categories including strength, cardio, and flexibility.

How do I keep track of all of this:

Members of The Train Yard will have access to an athlete tracking and The Train Yard community app. You can record your workouts privately or publicly. This is a personal journey and your success is celebrated in The Train Yard Community.

Assessments will be held at regular intervals as a fun gym event.

Level Method®️ will be the governing system for our functional fitness safety, methodology, and delivery.


Getting fit and healthy is easy you just have to put in the time and work. Take control of your life today and start your fitness journey with these simple 5 steps.

#1 Define your GOAL
#2 Design your PLAN of attack
#3 WORK HARD and make it happen
#4 Track your PROGRESS
#5 Enjoy your RESULTS
Amazing trainers
Days per year
Pounds lost
Dedicated members


Free “No Sweat” Consult: Schedule a 15-Minute in-person chat at our facility with a coach to introduce the program, gain your confidence that this is right for you, and determine a track that will best fit your needs.Email, Text or Call now.

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